Gas Station 415 | Jared Christopher Kelley

Jared Christopher Kelley

Gas Station 415


Acrylic, Fishing Line, Fiberboard, Oxygen Masks, Video Projection, Electronics, Custom Code

Gas Stations are an artifact of the near future. They are monuments, memorials, historical didactics, and human augmentations. Gas Stations provide physical relief in an atmosphere that cannot comfortably sustain us and satiate the psychological craving for place in a time after ecological collapse has led to no-placeness. Gas Stations are numerous, are installed throughout the landscape, in vacant fields, trails, and abandoned malls, churches, libraries, and empty swimming pools. Gas Stations are a marker for the past, offering a moment of nostalgia and paralytic curiosity, while having forgotten the world before them. They are the first innovation of many to be shown of our necessary climate adaptations.

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