Queersar | Jared Christopher Kelley

Jared Christopher Kelley


2014 to 2016

Performance Collaborative, Experimental Video, and Experimental Music

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Queersar are a sci-fi performance collaborative founded by Jared Kelley and Erin Palovick. Queersar create immersive interactive environments using dance and video installation.

past projects

Z z z

A 12-hour relaxation evening. Participants are guided through a series of meditations, given calming tinctures, and delicately massaged while they are distracted and locked in place. Participants are required to pre-register and bring sleeping bags, jammies, molar probes, and unexpressed stress. Participants should expect to lose all emotions.

V v void

Guided into a ritual ring, participants view a prescribed series of hypnotic imagery while they are mesmerized into stupidity. Participants should expect to lose their minds.

A a men

Two of three criteria for human experience have been stolen as audience members are guided into a laying position. Three portals open and Queersar transition in and out of human consciousness as every component aligns. Participants should expect to surrender their souls.

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Queersar are here to humbly request your relaxation - currently requiring your most kindly submissions to collaborate. Submit, submit to relax, with queersar.

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past collaborators

Jess Bernhart
Hannah-Rose Broom
Travis Broyles
Jane Foley
Jerry French
Maggie Ginestra
Michael Hessel-Mial
Hilary Kelley
Corinne Lee
William Massey
Germain Perez
Ciara Sames
Sarah Shipman
Hez Stalcup
Mike Stasny