Supervoid | Jared Christopher Kelley

Jared Christopher Kelley



Digital video, boroscope camera, multiple webcam streams, original audio, performance in collaboration with Graham Livingston, Caleb Mackenzie, Julian Vandermoere, and Robert Zant

Suppose we construct, by the use of optics and geometry,

Seven-hundred million light years from Earth, there is a massive emptiness known as the Boötes Void.

that bit of the world which can at any moment throw its image on our retina.

The void, so called due to an extremely low density of galaxies (around 60 in a space that should occupy 2,000, arranged in a column running through the middle, spaced 10 million light years apart),

Everything outside its perimeter, since it does not reflect upon any sensitive area no more affects our vision than does light falling on our closed eyes.

spans over 300 million light years in diameter.

We ought, then, to perceive a segment of the world precisely delimited, surrounded by a zone of blackness, packed full of qualities with no interval between them,

Boötes is the largest known nearly vacant space in the visible universe.

held together by definite relationships of size similar to those lying on the retina.

Known commonly as The Great Nothing

The fact is that experience offers nothing like this, and we shall never,

It is a supervoid.

using the world as our starting-point, understand what a field of vision is.